A Rockwood RV Made This Mom Love Camping

Rockwood RVMy husband and kids love camping, but I had always felt a bit out of place during our yearly excursion into nature. Each summer, as the days grew closer, I began to dread the upcoming trip. So when my husband sent me a text two weeks before saying, “I BOUGHT A ROCKWOOD RV!” I had no idea how much I would come to love and anticipate our annual week in the woods.

Pulling into the driveway, my husband grinned from ear to ear, anxious to show me what our new Rockwood RV had to offer. As I stepped inside, I was surprised to realize that most of my camping-related anxieties faded away. It was like a rolling hotel suite, as comfortable-looking as our house, with upholstered seating, a spacious kitchen and separate sleeping areas.

Arriving at the campsite, I noticed right away how different this trip was going to be. I had always disliked the preparation it required to begin to camp once you got there. Gone were the days of struggling with metal tent poles that had always seemed to lose a crucial component during winter storage. Instead, we were set up almost immediately, fully able to enjoy the setting sun over the lake, with dancing hues of orange and pink on its shimmering surface. It was a beauty I had never been able to appreciate before. I kicked back in comfort as the kids skipped stones and my culinary-genius of a husband prepared dinner on the exterior gas grill.

After dinner, the kids filled a bowl with microwave popcorn and headed into the bunkhouse to watch a movie on the flat screen and my husband and I headed off to bed to sleep on clean sheets and a mattress. Normally, I would toss and turn, desperately struggling to pull a sleeping bag over my shoulders, all the while battling a pebble under the tent like the Princess and the Pea. Even when we tried an air mattress, I found myself sleeping on a bubble of displaced air pushed in my direction by my larger, sleeping husband. I would spend the majority of the evening teetering precariously to keep myself from rolling off the bubble and onto his back. The next day, I would always be too tired, irritable and sore to fully enjoy the day. That night, I drifted off comfortably.

“Roughing” it In a Rockwood RV

I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and emerged from the bedroom to find a full breakfast laid out on the spacious counters in the kitchen. Seated at the dinette table, we ate as a family, happily feasting on pancakes and fresh fruit from real plates and flatware stored in the kitchen cabinets. I cleaned up after breakfast quickly and easily in the kitchen’s double sink, and we were off to spend a day of fishing and swimming on the lake. When we returned, I gleefully washed the lake away under the water in the garden shower, amazed at how much room I had to move around.

We spent the entire week enjoying our vacation, camping in style and making memories that will last for years. Even though it rained one of the days we were there, we were still able to enjoy ourselves by playing games and watching movies. Now we find any excuse to take our Rockwood RV with us, from family reunions and holiday visits to tailgating and weekend camping at the beach. So, for all those mothers that love their family, but dread camping, a Rockwood RV is the perfect solution to your camping woes.